Makeup By Stacey Paxton-Rhodes

30 Jan New Year, New Makeup – Foundation

Happy Friday all.I always get asked what is my  favourite foundation so thought I would share this with you.Now as an makeup artist I have to use premium products that work well for professional photography and are long lasting.  With this in mind I will...

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20 Jan New Year, New Mascara

Hello all, following my new year, new makeup theme I thought I would share with you my favourite mascaras.1. Up first is Guerlain Maxi Lash, this is my favourite luxury mascara.  The thinish brush allows you to get to the root of your lashes to...

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28 Nov Don’t forget the brows!

It's nearly the the weekend, woo hoo.  If anyone has anywhere special to go out this weekend or even if you don't, make sure you pay attention to your brows.Lots of us don't do anything with our brows when we do our makeup but it...

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