School Run Makeup – look fresh

23 Jan School Run Makeup – look fresh

As a mom of two I don’t have the luxury of lots of time to do my makeup in the morning but also I don’t want to frighten the other kids in the playground by going out bare faced.  So this is my school run makeup, it could also be ‘you’relate for work’ or ‘overslept makeup’!

I start with a creamy concealer, I am using Rimmel’s Wake Me Up, this is great as you can build it if necesary.  Although 12 hours is the max you could get out of it before it dries up. As you can see on the picture below left, I am highlighting any dark areas with the concealer and covering my spots. Once you have applied the concealer pat it into your skin and and feather with your ring finger to blend.

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Now as I don’t have defined cheeks bones I have taken my Tropic Sculpting Pallette (above right) and I apply the darker colour with a squeezed angled blusher brush to the hollows of the cheeks.  You then need to blend this into the skin so it looks like a dark shadow not a brown line.

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I then take the same Tropic pallette and use the blusher on the apples of my cheeks blending up to the hairline.  This Tropic pallette also has a highlighter so with my ring finger I add it to my eye brow bone and corners of my eyes.  Also if I feel like it I add the highlighter to the top of my cheek bones.

I then fill my eye brows in with my mac brown powder (see my previous brow blog) , add a bit of mascara (this is Lancome, see last weeks mascara blog), lip gloss and voila!

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Thought it was about time I do my before and after!  I must also mention that in this picture I have sinusitis so my face is a bit swollen and my bags a lot worse than usual.  To help with this I added more concealer  and put a tiny bit of the dark Tropic sculpting powder on either side of my nose.  The bags are still visible and if this was a usual occurance, I would add an orange corrector under the normal concealer.

Hope you have found this useful.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Stacey x



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