Face cake preparation! What to do before applying foundation.

12 Dec Face cake preparation! What to do before applying foundation.

Many of us think that caking on the foundation will cover up any imperfections on our skin. The truth is sometimes foundation can highlight the problems. For example if you have dry areas the foundation with stick and clog in these areas, even if it is a liquid foundation.  Looking after our skin, especially in the cold weather is really important – cleanse, tone, moisturise daily and exfoliate twice a week. However life can sometimes get in the way of this so if you have a big night out or special occasion and your skin isn’t at its best what can you do?

1. On the morning of your doo you need to cleanse and then exfoliate (use a gentle scrub that uses sugar), remember to rinse thoroughly in warm water after each and pat your face dry with a clean towel – no rubbing

2.  Next tone, moisturise and apply eye cream.  Pat the creams into your face to really norish the skin – I use the Tropic Skincare range, its all natural, no alcohol or nasties plus its not tested on animals

3. For any dry areas apply a small amount of Lansinoh cream or vaseline and if your lips are dry exfoliate them with a spare tooth brush and apply balm

4. Drink lots of water all day  and reapply your moisturiser and lip balm mid-morning and in the afternoon

5. 30 minutes before you plan to apply your makeup cleanse, tone and moisturise again

6. Once your moisturiser has soaked in apply a good primer, Laura Mercier do great primers for all skin types, MUA offer a good cheaper alternative

7. After 10 mins you are now ready to apply your foundation and concealer (don’t forget to apply foundation to your eye lids and lips to prime them before eye shadow and lipstick)

Ps. Do not apply powder to any of your dry areas and don’t forget to take cotton buds and blotting paper with you

Have a weekend and hope these tips help xx



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