Don’t forget the brows!

28 Nov Don’t forget the brows!

It’s nearly the the weekend, woo hoo.  If anyone has anywhere special to go out this weekend or even if you don’t, make sure you pay attention to your brows.

Lots of us don’t do anything with our brows when we do our makeup but it can make such a difference as it frames your face and for the more mature lady can take years off.

So what is it you need to do to your brows:

1. Comb them, just like you would with your hair but use a brow brush, start at your inner brow and brush out.  If your eye brows are a bit unruly use a brow finisher (recommend mac) or a wax (you can get the these as part of the HD brow kits).

2. Define them you can do this using a pencil or a matte brow powder and thin line brush.  A powder is great for a more natural look and a pencil gives more precise definition.  If you have very thin or barely there brows I would use both, start with a pencil to get the shape and the powder for texture.  Choose a shade as close to your brow colour as possible however for a night time look I like to go a touch darker.

Concentrate the brow product at the arch of the brow to give the shape and then fill any gaps with fine hair like strokes moving toward the outer brow and following your natural shape.  Go lightly on the inner brow and build if necessary as we don’t want any slugs like brows.

3. Set them, use a brow gel or clear mascara and brush outwards with the wand following the natural shape of your brow.


Makes such a difference



Hope this has helped. Happy weekend xx


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