None makeup, makeup bag essentials!

08 May None makeup, makeup bag essentials!

Hi there beauties,

I was looking in my makeup bag this morning for a cotton bud and it made me think of what was in there that isn’t makeup.  So I thought I would share will you my none makeup, makeup bag essentials (try saying that fast!)

At No. 1.  It has to be cotton buds

Cotton Buds

Not only do they take away evidence of mistakes when you slip with the mascara or lipstick, they can help correct your eyeliner  flicks to get the right shape that are even both sides.  I have also used them for blending eye shadow and smudging liners for a smokey eye.  Plus when my little girl hid my eye brow brush the other morning, the trusty cotton bud came out to apply my brow powder.  I will always carry them in my handbag on a night out or special day to tackle any mascara gloop (the black boogies that appear in the corner of your eye) or smudged mascara (weddings make me cry!).


At No. 2. It’s eye lash curlers

Tweezerman Eye Lash Curlers

Now I have to admit that I am guilty of forgetting this step before I apply mascara (I do get myself and two monkeys ready every morning), but it makes such a difference in opening up your eye and making lashes curl instead of going straight out.  I use Tweezerman curlers which are great, many makeup artists swear by Shu Uemura.

At no. 3 Vaselin

I use Vaseline for any dry areas on my skin especially around my crows feet and forehead before I apply foundation.  It’s great for softnening lips, taming eye brows and conditioning your eye lashes.  Check out my dewy look blog to see how I used it

At no.4 Blotting paper,1&wid=433&hei=548

If you have oily skin or when it’s hot in the summer the best way of removing this shine is to use blotting sheets/paper.  Use them to matte your skin before makeup or to take away shine once makeup is applied.  Keep some in your handbag so when you have been dancing on a night out you can takeaway the shine while keeping your makeup in tact. There are many brands that do these, I use Boots Skin Clear Shine Blotting papers.

Hope this blog has helped.  Let me know if you have any none mankeup essentials in your makeup bag that you can’t do without!

Take care

Stacey x

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