Get that fresh faced dewy look!

06 Feb Get that fresh faced dewy look!

Hello all,

I have been asked by a couple of lovely ladies how to get that dewy look, its a very youthful, shiny and natural look so the trick is to keep the moisture in your skin and not use drying products such as powders. Now I am taking pics on my iPhone with no professional lighting so these shots really don’t do the look justice but I promise if you try it in the flesh it will look good.

Before and after dewy

1. Skin prep, if you remember exfoliate and moisturise really well the night before and make sure you are well moisturised when you wake up.  Let the moisturiser soak into your skin before you apply the makeup.  I have also applied Lanisoh HPA Lanolin (if you have breast fed you will be familiar with this, it’s my secret weapon for dry skin weather that be your face, hands or heels) to my lips and dry areas. If you haven’t got Lanolin use Vaselin or if you’re lucky enough to have it Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream.

2. Prime, to prime my skin I have used MUA undress your skin flawless primer, this is very affordable (superdrug stock it) and although your lines and pores won’t disappear it’s almost like a gel and creates shine to your skin and feels very smooth.

3. Foundation, it will come as no suprise I am using Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation but for an extra bit of radiance and warmth I have mixed it with No.7 skin illuminator in Peach. I then used Rimmel’ Wake Me Up concealer to cover my bags and spots. A cream concealer and highligter in one works well as it will keep the moisturised look.

dewy foundation

4. Eyes and Brows, next with a brush and brow powder I shaped and filled in the gaps of my brows and then put a touch of Vaseline on them so they stay in place.  I also put Vaseline on my lids to create a shine.  On the eyes I used Shu Uemura eye light pencil (pearl) in my water line and inner corners to brighten the eyes, and finally added mascara.

5. Cheeks and lips, again to keep the moisture in my skin I used Stila lip and cheek cream (shade lillium) on both cheeks and lips. Then on top of the lips added Mac Plush Glass (shade ample pink)


6. Finish,  I added more highlighter at the top of my cheek bones, under my brow and a touch on my cupids bow – the result is a dewy, fresh faced look.

Before and after dewy

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Have a nice day.

Stacey xx

PS. sorry for the messy hair in these pics, I will do a hair course soon ha ha 


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