Camera Ready Makeup Tips

01 May Camera Ready Makeup Tips

Hello lovelies,  just thought I would share the blog I written for Poppy K Photography on makeup tips for a photoshoot:

Camera Ready Makeup Tips

Hello, I am Stacey from Makeup by SPR, I am a makeup artist that specialises in bridal, occasion and photographic makeup. I am going to share with you some of my makeup tips to help you prepare for your professional photoshoot with the talented Poppy K Photography.

The pictures taken at your shoot will be pictures you treasure for ever, so how do you want to look?

Most of us want to look like ourselves but the best version – no spots, bags, bright eyes etc. Many ladies are able to achieve this themselves on a day to day basis, but there may be a few extra steps to take to ensure you are camera ready:

  1. Skin preparation – professional photographs means you get amazing resolution on a picture so having well looked after skin will definitely help. Leading up to the shoot drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and get plenty of sleep – easier said then done, I know but do your best. Take the time to cleanse, tone and moisturise daily and exfoliate twice a week with a gentle exfoliator. On the morning of the shoot cleanse, tone and moisturise at least an hour before apply your makeup. If you have oil skin, skip the moisturiser.


  1. Prime, prime – primer can smooth out any fine lines, reduce the appearance of pores and help your foundation glide on better. I use Pore Professional by Benefit but if it’s not something you will use regularly MUA (Superdrug) offer a low cost range.


  1. Flawless Foundation – now here is the important bit, for everyday use a foundation with SPF is great for protecting the skin however when having you picture taken it can cause problems with the flash, making you look very pale and painted. So use a foundation without a SPF, I use Giorgio Armani but Boots offer photo ready foundations by Seventeen and Revlon. To get the right colour put the foundation on your jaw line, if it disappears it’s the right shade. It is important you set you foundation with translucent powder, it makes it last longer and takes any shine off your face. However if you have dry patches avoid these.


  1. WOW Eyes – now I could be here forever talking about what’s best for different eye shapes and colours, that’s a whole blog in its self. So I will keep it simple – use soft shades for eye shadow – browns, greys, golds, bronzes. Keep the inner corners light and bright, if you want to apply a darker shade keep it to the outer corners and blend in. Curl your eye lashes and apply plenty of mascara to open your eye. Careful putting mascara on your bottom lashes as it can create a shadow under the eye, instead to define the eye use a small amount of dark pencil under the eye a smudge.


  1. Important Eyebrows – please don’t forget these as they frame your face and when a professional picture is taken they may just disappear! Use a brow brush for the shape and a touch of brow powder or pencil to fill in any gaps and emphasise the arch in your brow.


Before and after showing how to frame the eyes and eye brows.

  1. Contouring and Highlighting – For flash photography we need to add the structure back into our face as the brightness can take it away. Please don’t think I am going all Kim Kardashian on you, all I am saying is to get a matte bronzer a couple of shades darker than your natural skin and sweep it under your cheek bones and under your jawline. If you have a large forehead add some just under your hairline. Then highlight with a cream (no. 7) or powder (MUA or Tropic) at the top of your cheek bones and under the arch of the eye brow.


  1. Flush with Blush – Blusher adds pop of colour that really brightens your face, it should enhance your cheeks not dramatically change the colour so be careful to avoid the clown look. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend up.


  1. Show You Have Lips – lipstick doesn’t have to be bright and bold, but it has to be there otherwise your lips can disappear on the picture. Pinks and nudes are great because you don’t have to be as precise with the application. Use a matte lipstick as it will last longer but if you want your lips glossy remember to reapply regularly during the shoot.


  1. Now Fix It – you have your makeup how you want it and you don’t want it coming off before the shoot. Spray with a fixing spray, I use NYX but again many brands in Boots or Superdrug do them.


  1. Relax and Enjoy – After following these tips, you don’t have to worry about your makeup so enjoy your shoot. Poppy K Photography will make you feel relaxed and at ease and this will mean capturing those special moments to create amazing pictures.


Hope this has helped.


Stacey xx


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